Seawolves qualify for playoffs

The Sonoma State University Seawolves women’s basketball team split the week with a loss to Humboldt State and a win against Chico State. 

In the first away game this week the Seawolves had a tough battle against the Humboldt State Lumberjacks. The Seawolves could not seem to string together a consistent game to match their opponents play. 

“We finally played a great third quarter that kept us in the game but just wasn’t able to close [it] out,” said Serna Santos, a Junior point guard.

A promising fourth quarter gave the Seawolves a temporary lead of 48-44. But the Seawolves momentum came to a halt, ending in a 58-53 loss. 

“It’s all a learning experience,” Zane Sheckherd said. Sheckherd plays forward and is new to the squad as she is one of five freshman. The Seawolves changed their offense in the middle of the season. “[We are] adapting to a new environment,” Sheckherd said.  

A new environment comes with growing pains, and a bounce-back win against the Chico State Wildcats boosted the morale.

When it was time to face off against the Wildcats, the Seawolves left it all on the court as they played their last regular season game.

The Seawolves dominated each quarter with more points and rebounds than Chico. 

Ugochi Anudokem put up 15 points as the highest scorer on the Seawolves team. This game had multiple Seawolves scoring in double digits. The Seawolves won the game 71-59. 

“We put all four quarters together and executed on defense. This has been a major goal for us for the whole season.” Anudokem said. As this win marked an end to the regular season it allowed the Seawolves to keep playing basketball as they will now be able to compete in the playoffs. 

This win was very much hand in hand with “staying together as a team and keeping the chemistry,” Sheckherd said. 

With this win, Santos is not yet satisfied, and there are still improvements needed to be made before playoffs. “The team can improve on putting four quarters together and not just winning one or two quarters.” she said “[this would then be] leading into digging ourselves in a hole that would make us have to fight in the end to get the win.” 

The Seawolves first playoff game is an away game against the second seed, Cal State Pomona. 

Coming off their dominant win against the Wildcats, Anudokem is still looking towards the near future. “I, personally want us to go farther than last year in playoffs and play the best basketball we can.  We all believe we are reaching our peak right now as a team and just want to show it every time we play,” Anudokem said.