Women’s track focused on avoiding injuries this year

Following a noteworthy meet this weekend, the Sonoma State Track and Field team looks to send several of their girls to the conference championships. As runners and throwers prepare to beat their records, senior team captain, Taylor Towne, pushes her teammates to set and accomplish new goals this spring. There is no doubt that the track and field team is determined to win following Saturday’s meet in Stanislaus. 

“We all worked hard in each of our events,” Towne said. “There are some little things some of us need to work on for next race, but other than that I think everyone did pretty well. I see so much greatness that is just ready to be released onto the track.”

The Seawolves had a successful spring last season, sending five runners and five throwers to the conference meet. With fresh talent from freshman runners in addition to leadership from team veterans including Towne, the team expects to send more Seawolves to the CCAAs. 

“The team goal this season is to get more girls running and throwing at conference than last year,” Towne said. “As well as making sure we are taking care of our bodies with rest, treatment, and eating right.” 

Remaining healthy is key to ensuring the Seawolves can meet their goals of qualifying for the conference meets. While several of the team’s runners and throwers are currently injured or ill, Seawolves hope to return to the track as soon as possible, including junior runner, Bailey Stone. 

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“I’m just trying to stay healthy get back into competing and running with my girls,” said Stone. “I’ve been injured for the past year so my individual goal is to be able to compete to my fullest.” 

While combating injuries and illnesses are always an endeavor for student athletes, it doesn’t stop Stone from pushing her teammates overcome their challenges. 

“We all need to work on finishing our races,” Stone added. “A lot of us are able to get out strong and run well through a majority of the race but don’t have a kick to finish the race.” 

One of the biggest challenges is understanding the mindset that is required for college running. While it is important for runners to push each other, it’s crucial they remain level headed when competing on the track. Freshman runner, Rachel Spektor, explained her struggles on the track this weekend as she looks forward to breaking her records. 

“My mindset was the thing that hurt me,” said Spektor. “I let the unwanted weather conditions get to my head which caused my nerves to act up sooner than normal and waste more of my energy. I need to realize that everyone else is going through the same thing as I am.” 

Regardless of the conditions during track meets, the Seawolves must keep a steady pace when racing. 

“I think the biggest challenge is going to be as simple as getting out of our own heads and learning to push through when we’re tired,” added Spektor. “My individual goals consist of breaking 5:10 in the 1500m, breaking 20 minutes in the 5000m, and drinking more water.”