Equestrian Club has outstanding year

The Equestrian Club was founded in 2008. Since then they have been competing in shows across the country. Each club member is not required to have a horse or riding experience. 

The club consists of two types of riders, English and Western. 

First, the English riding stable is located down the road from campus on Petaluma Hill Road. English riding is unique because this category does jumping with the horses.The western stable is located nearby in Sebastopol. Western is unique because it has more rodeo style characteristics. People can perform roping and racing. The club primarily does Equitation. This consists of basically how one looks when riding a horse.


First, the western team ended up finishing first at the College of the Sequoias show as well as the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo show. When asked about the team’s progression throughout the season western team member Marissa Mullins explained, “This was the first year our team has been competitive against the big schools and we finished the season second as a whole team”. The team's success shows that they will be a force to be reckoned with in competitions in years to come. On top of the team accomplishments, three members Marissa Mullins, Katrina Lane, and Danielle Phillipi competed in Regionals and all went on to qualify for semifinals in Ocala, Florida. 

The club’s president, Marissa Mullins ended up placing 8th at the semi-finals show. This was actually the first placement in team history at a competition of that caliber. The western team has completed their competitions for the school year and will start back up in October. 

The English team has had a successful season as well. With competitions against teams like Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, and University of California, Davis, the club has only continued to grow their skills this season. This year the team members went on to win their first of hopefully many, first place ribbons. When talking about individual success, Maddison Marnin said, “This year I scored the second highest points for all of the flat classes, a total of th 32 this year, competing in seven shows.” 

The season is wrapping up for the English team but two members still are fighting to qualify for nationals. On April 6, Madison Marina and Sanne Put will be competing in the Zones competition at Stanford University. This is a huge competition because both girls have the chance of qualifying for nationals in Syracuse, New York. 

When talking to first-year competitor Emily Perez, it was no surprise that her first year was a great experience. She said, “This year was my first year competing so it was very exciting for me to come back from shows with ribbons of all different places”. The team hopes to continue their success next season. Despite all the success the team has had this year it is still important to continue to work hard and not be complacent. 

Perez explains her plans for next year when saying, “My goal for next season is to keep doing better, whether I bring home a ribbon or not, I always have something I know I can improve”.

On April 6 some team members will be fighting for a chance to qualify for nationals. The western team plan to continue their success next October with a fresh season. Visit ssuequestrian.weebly.com to follow the club on their journey next year.