Sonoma State women’s ultimate frisbee team is right on track for regionals

Sonoma State women’s ultimate frisbee team, also known as D’vine, is on their way to sectionals and just one win away from regionals.

A common law of ultimate frisbee is the “spirit of the game.” That means all the teams are supposed to have positive vibes and outstanding sportsmanship. Unlike most sports where you are taught to despise the opposing team, ultimate frisbee works to create friendships among all players. They also referee their own games and settle disagreements one on one which creates a sense of honesty among players and teams. 

This season for the D’vine has been more competitive than ever and the team has had a lot of adversity to overcome this spring season.


Ultimate frisbee is a very weather dependent sport and the rainy weather has definitely been an obstacle for the team this season. D’vine had to cancel quite a few tournaments and move their practices indoors at the recreational center for the past few months. Ultimate frisbee is an outdoor sport played in the grass, therefore having to practice indoors and on hardware floor has been a challenge for the team this season. 

Despite the seemingly nonstop rain, D’vine has been rather successful this season. 

Captain of the ultimate frisbee team, Morganne Schmitt, has shown excellent leadership skills as a senior on the team this year. Schmitt said, “This season has been my first year captaining a team. When going into the season I wanted to go in with a positive mind and attitude. I wanted to help turn this team around to achieve our goal of going to regionals this year.” Schmitt continued her statement when she said, “I believed going into this season with an open mindset would help the team to have a more positive outlook and help them build self-confidence. We have definitely improved and have been winning more and more games each tournament.”

The team just returned from Las Vegas, Nevada where they played in their first ever Trouble In Vegas Tournament. D’vine moved up two seeds in their bracket, won two games, and for the first time this spring season they finally got the opportunity to play in the sunny weather.

Number 2 Holly Witcraft really enjoyed her time at the Trouble in Vegas tournament. Witcraft said, “Hanging out with the team and getting the chance to spend quality time together was my favorite part of the tournament.” Witcraft then added, "We all got the opportunity to bond more and grow closer as friends. That bond translated into trust and it definitely showed on the field the next few days.”

The regular play has now come to an end and D’vine is now preparing for sectionals and hopefully regionals.

Number 22 Kyera Mackey has been a major asset to the ultimate frisbee team this year. When asked about her thoughts on the season so far she said, “The best part has been when we hosted a tournament here at Sonoma State. I think keeping up the energy will help us be successful in future games and hopefully carry us into regionals.” 

Sonoma States ultimate frisbee team will participate in the NorCal Sectional Tournament this upcoming weekend on April 13 and 14 in Roseville, California.