Women’s Ultimate Frisbee gearing up for the new season

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most underrated and physically enduring sports played by people all around the world. Using extensive hand-eye coordination along with constant sprinting up and down the field, the game of Ultimate Frisbee can push anyone’s body to an athletic limit.

Sonoma State Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, D’vine, are constantly pushing those athletic limits by improving their skills each year. The club has been a big part of campus culture since 2007 and they thrive to compete against teams such as Chico State, Humboldt State, UC Santa Cruz, etc. 

Mariah Jones, otherwise known as MJ Killa, a junior playing her second year of Ultimate Frisbee is ecstatic about this upcoming season and can’t wait to get back out on the field. “Having only a year of experience on this team under my belt, I am stoked for the upcoming season! I can’t wait to dominate on the field with all of our players from last year and even more I can’t wait to introduce new girls to the team and show them what a fun and exciting family it is to be a part of!” said Jones.

D’Vine is holding informational meetings on Monday and Wednesday at 2 p.m. and Friday at 11 a.m. in the Valley Rooms on the second floor of the Student Center. Anyone looking for more information about the schedule and culture is encouraged to go. 

The only requirements are to have fun playing and promoting Women’s Ultimate both on and off the field using the Spirit of the Game concept. Knowing how to play Ultimate is not a requirement and will be taught by some of the friendliest people on campus.

Alley Perry, a senior and veteran of the “D’Vine” describes the Spirit of the Game as such, “Ultimate has no referees so basically spirit of the game is a fancy way of saying be a good sport and don’t let your competitiveness get in the way. Everyone has to be honest and accountable so if someone calls a foul on you, gameplay stops and you both have to decide whether or not a foul occurred and then you play on from there.” She continues by saying “That’s probably why I love ultimate so much because I hate overly competitive things and I love that ultimate is all about the love of the game and having a good time on the field above.”

CJ, also known as Chaos, is Captain of D’Vine and joined when she was a freshman and has not regretted it since. She encourages anyone who is thinking about joining to just give it a shot. The team is very friendly, competitive, and accepting, even if you have never touched a frisbee in your life. 

“I would probably tell them to get out of their comfort zone if they are on the fence about joining. College is the perfect time to experience new things and meet new people. It’s like a fresh start.” CJ continued her statement when she said, “Also, a lot of people are intimidated by the fact that they have never played or can’t throw a disc, but the great thing is that neither did any of us before we joined! We teach the newcomers from the ground up and give them the tips they need to be great players. I really encourage anyone thinking about joining to just try!”

The competitive nature of Ultimate Frisbee creates a culture that thrives to not only push yourself, but the people around you both on and off the field. D’Vine proves that not only are they competitive, but they are also successful and were able to make it to Northern California’s Division I Sectional last season. They constantly push themselves to be better each year and that drive is contagious. 

Kelly Cunningham, otherwise known as Special K on the field, is a senior who is coming into her second year of Ultimate Frisbee cannot wait for the upcoming season and to play with her friends and new teammates. Cunningham said, “I love tournament weekends so much but I would probably say I’m most excited for just the weekly practices. Going to practice after a long day of school is just an awesome stress reliever for me and I get to laugh with my friends for 3 hours straight which is something I look forward to every day.”