Men’s soccer team ties with Seattle Pacific

The Sonoma Seawolves traveled to Seattle, Washington on Sept. 5 to play Seattle Pacific University, where they tied 1-1. 

As the whistle blew to start the game, Seattle Pacific’s forward, Titus Grant, started out strong and aggressive. He was winning most of the attacks against the Seawolves defense. 

When Sonoma had the ball, the Seahawks defended tightly and when they won the ball, they would attack hard on the Seawolves defense. As Seattle gained momentum they started to pick up on the Seawolves mistakes. 

As the first half was just picking up, Sonoma started to run the midfield. Once Sonoma gained control, Seattle Pacific could not keep hold of the ball. 

The Seawolves became stronger on the ball and it was hard to push them off. Within the half, the game got more aggressive and the referee started calling fouls.

In the twenty-third minute, Sonoma created a foul, which led to a penalty kick at the top of the eighteenth and taken by Titus Grant. Titus shot and missed wide, tipping off of goalkeeper Derik Engebretsen. 

Sonoma became confident on the ball and started to send dangerous long balls into the Seahawks defensive half and started to be clean on the ball. The Seawolves had good stamina on and off the ball, creating many opportunities. 

At the half, the score was 0-0. The Seawolves and Seahawks both had five shots on goal going into the second half. 

The Seahawks came back into the half with the mindset to win. Within fifty-four seconds, forward, Alden Massey, passed it to Mario Vukic who shot from sixteen yards out on the lower left side, slipping past Engebretsen’s fingers.

After the goal, the Seawolves needed to comeback more aggressive in order to challenge the Seahawks defense and score. As time went on, the Seawolves created many plays and started changing their plays on attack. 

In the seventy-first minute, the Seahawks fouled Sonoma. The free-kick was right outside the eighteen. Eduardo Rodriguez and Sean Rohane were the ones nearing the ball. Rodriguez took the kick, but the Seahawks seven man wall clears it away. 

Rohane was the player Seawhawks needed to try and beat throughout the game. Last fall, Rohane fell and broke his clavicle. He was out all fall season and returned in the spring. He said “it felt great to be back. This felt like a long awaited reunion with the game I love.”

In the seventy-third minute, two yellow cards were given. One to Jose Benavides on the Seahawks and Ulysses Vega on the Seawolves. The free kick was given to the Seawolves. The kick was taken by Salvador Gomez-Avila but was shot wide. 

No more than twelve minutes later, Sonoma defender Devin Anderson was given a yellow card. Two minutes after, Seattle Pacific’s Sam Malloch was also given a card.


As the half was wrapping up, Sonoma received a corner kick in the eighty-eighth minute. Midfielder Kyle Owings took the kick and midfielder Eduardo Rodriguez was there to finish, making the score 1-1. 

This was Rodriquez’s first goal of the season. After he scored he said “My adrenaline was rushing and I did not know how to react.” He continued by saying “I was just excited because it was my first collegiate goal and also we’ve worked hard the entire game so we deserved a goal.” 

At the end of the ninety minutes, the score was tied 1-1. In the second half, the Sewolves had eleven shots and the Seahawks had eleven as well. 

Since there was a tie, they went into two ten minute overtime with the golden goal in place. In the first ten, the game stayed tied up with the Seawolves dominating the Seahawks defensive third. The Seawolves had seven shots while the Seahawks only had two. 

In the second overtime, the Seawolves continued to dominate the half, but could not finish on goal. In the seventh minute, Anderson was given another yellow card, resulting it to turn into a red card. The game came to a close with the final score staying 1-1.

The head coach, Marcus Ziemer, was happy with how the boys did not stop fighting. He told the Sonoma Seawolves sports page, “I was proud of how we never quit. After we gave up the goal it was a wave after wave in the attack and we kept pushing until we got the equalizer.”