Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club Team Preparing for Another Eventful

The Sonoma State men’s Ultimate Frisbee club team is a dedicated team who have been in major preparation for the Spring season. The team practices year round, but the spring season is where the tournaments count towards their ranking among other colleges. The teammates see each other as friends and family which makes them an even stronger unit.  

Most of the players on the ultimate frisbee team can agree that the best part of the season is getting the opportunity to travel to tournaments. They not only get to travel to new places and play the sport they love, but get to spend quality time with their friends.  


Wendel Simpson, Junior at Sonoma State and captain of the men’s Ultimate Frisbee team, has been part of the team for all three years and has loved every minute of it. For this upcoming season, he said, “ I am looking forward to making new memories with the upcoming rookies, playing some good ultimate and getting juicy with my fellow grapes.” 

Simpson loves spending time with his teammates on and off the field. Off the field his best memory was going to Crane Creek with the team, he said “it created some great memories I don’t know if I will ever forget.” 

His best memory on the field from last season was playing against Stanford University at sectionals. The men played their best and the game was close, but sadly Sonoma State came out with a tough loss. Though they lost that game it did not ruin their spirit; the tournaments remain most of the players favorite parts of being on the team.  

Kyle Matheson, Sophomore at Sonoma State, is going into his second year playing on the men’s team. He is seeing improvements in his frisbee skills as the years go on and is constantly learning new techniques from his fellow teammates. 

The team has incredible sportsmanship and Matheson said that while all of his teammates are friends with each other, they also make friends with players from opposing teams like Chico State and University of Nevada, Reno. 

Anthony Delfino, Senior at Sonoma State, gets to play the sport he loves while surrounded by a great group of people. Delfino’s favorite part of the season is the Grape Escape Tournament.   

“Grape Escape is a tournament that the team hosts every November. It was a great time to see how many alumni still live in the area that come out to support the team when they get a chance,” said Delfino. 

Unfortunately, like all college sports, the team lost a few key players this season due to graduation. Delfino remains hopeful in the fact that they will have a solid group of returners as well as a growing number of new members. Delfino said, “this team really looks like it could be something special.” 

Zachary Ormsby, Senior and President of the Ultimate Frisbee team, is often seen throwing around a disc in between classes with his fellow teammates. It is a great way for them to promote the club and this tactic has been proven to work as many students have gone up to them and joined in.  

According to Ormsby, the club currently practices at 3 p.m. on Fridays and 9 a.m. on Sundays and will occasionally have practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The practices will always be on the Intramural fields, located next to Beaujolais Village. 

If any students are interested in joining, the men’s Ultimate Frisbee club team advises students to come to a practice and give the sport a try. There is also a women’s Ultimate Frisbee club team on campus so do not miss out on the opportunity to join.