Women’s volleyball sweeps on Saturday in Hawaii

Sonoma State Women’s volleyball sets a new record for the athletics department over the weekend in their pre-season tournament in Honolulu Hawaii where they started off with a sweep on Saturday when they won 6 straight sets. 

The Women’s 2019 volleyball team is now the first team at Sonoma State University to go 3-1 in the Honolulu Hawaii tournament. This is extremely impressive considering the season has just begun and they have already dominated against Hawaii Hilo University and Hawaii Pacific University. 

Caiti Wiesner an outside hitter and fifth year senior at Sonoma State, is a big part of the teams success. Wiesner lead the team with 12 kills out of the team’s overall 44 kills for the weekend. Wiesner also put up an Ace, as she dominates the front row. 


Wiesner said, “We look really good this season, beating very good teams in this tournament. We’re coming back from a rough season last year with a lot of injuries.” She continued her statement when she said, “I am coming back from a stress fracture but I am now back playing and this year we look really strong we’re definitely going to win a lot and I’m looking forward to it.” 

In Sonoma State’s game against Hawaii Pacific the Seawolves ended up on top with a .323 hitting percentage and Hawaii Pacific fell short with a .276 hitting percentage. Hawaii Pacific had 17 errors while Sonoma State stayed behind with 13 errors. Sonoma State was able to stay on top with 54 points while Hawaii Pacific put up 50 points to end the match with a close score. 

Sophomore Jenna Miller looks forward to this new season with her team, “Last year we started off strong, but along the way we had many injuries, this year we’re looking great and this tournament made us all the more excited for this upcoming season. With some hard work I believe this team will come together and we can win some big games.” Miller continued as she said “We look more refined and more physical this year. We are extremely lucky to be making unforgettable memories in Hawaii as a team and being able to bond together”.

Not only is this team setting new records but they are having fun and making memories while enjoying their team bonding in Hawaii. 

Outside hitter, Emily Eaton is extremely proud of her team and is excited for what this season has in store for the Seawolves. Eaton said, “Our girls hustled and worked really hard all weekend. We did a really good job adapting and coming together as a team, as it was our first time playing in actual matches with a new line up.” 

Eaton then added, “I have a good feeling about this season. We have a group of super talented girls and if we put in the same work ethic we had this weekend and keep having fun with it, we should be very successful. Hawaii is an amazing opportunity for us to really grow as a team before conference starts and become closer as friends” 

Starting the season off strong with wins behind them, conference games are now coming up. The Seawolves are back to take on Dominican University this Tuesday night at home in Rohnert Park.