Devastating loss for men’s soccer against Fresno Pacific

On Sept. 18, the Sonoma State men’s soccer team traveled to play Fresno Pacific, where they losed with the score being  3-2.

Fresno Pacific started out strong by putting pressure on the Seawolves. Within the first minute of the game, Fresno Pacific’s  Jose Vargas had a shot on goal, but Sonoma’s goalkeeper, Derik Engebretsen was there with the save.

Seven minutes in and Vargas was there with another shot, but missed wide. In the next minute, Engebretsen went outside the box with a tackle and received a yellow card. 

Fresno Pacific received a free kick right outside the box. This kick was taken by number 10, Anthony Torres. Torres crossed the ball into forward Felippe Souza for the header goal, putting Fresno in the lead 1-0. 


Right when Fresno Pacific scored, defender Matthew Walleigh said, “I knew that we were the better team, we just need to get are wheels running.”

After the goal, Sonoma takes the kickoff. In the eleventh minute, Souza fouls and received a yellow card. Sonoma then gains possession of the ball and started to make their way up the field. 

Sophomore, Eduardo Rodriguez, carried the ball up field and took a shot, but goalkeeper Patrick Timmer was there with the save. 

Fresno Pacific gained possession most of the game and started to gain more opportunities on shots. In the twenty-third minute, Felippe Souza took a shot, but Engebretsen was there with the block. Two minutes later, Vargas took a powerful shot, but missed out wide. 

As the game progressed, both teams became aggressive, creating fouls every few minutes. This made both coaches to start substituting players in and out, creating new line ups for more chances at goal. 

In the thirty-eighth minute, number 11, Anthony Torres, carried the ball and passed it to number 8, Pak Hei Chan, who was out wide on the left wing. Chan then found senior Brian Leyva for the cross. Leyva receives the ball, and shot right down the center scoring for the Sunbirds. 

At half time, the score is 2-0, with the Sunbirds in the lead. When the second half started, the Seawolves coach, Marcus Ziemer changed the lineup, putting in new players, hoping for a goal. 

  Junior, Sebastian Santos enters the game during the second half. Santos started putting pressure of the defensive line of the Sunbirds, causing the defender to make a bad back pass to the goalkeeper. 

Santos saw the mistake and went in for the attack,  he intercepted on the pass, and fired the ball into the net, putting Sonoma on the board. 

Fresno State began to attack harder because they were only winning by a goal. They received two fouls within two minutes of each other. This gave Sonoma possession to make their way to the goal.

Lopez gained possession and took a shot, yet Timmer blocked the shot and sent the ball out to Fresno Pacific’s attacking line. Midfielder, James Hernandez received the ball and passed it to midfielder Hugo Hernandez.

Hugo Hernandez gives the ball back to James Hernandez who found Leyva, who was waiting for the ball in the box. Leyva then turns and shoots, putting the ball in the lower left corner, making the score 3-1. 

The Seawolves began attacking and gaining more opportunities on goal. Number 16, Ulysses Vega gained possession and found number 24, Oliver Ziemer in the box. Ziemer turns and shoots, hitting it around the keeper for an easy goal. 

Sonoma was eager to get another goal. Number 7, Sean Rohane shot wide, number 25, Evan Roehrig shot and it was saved, and Santos shot, and it also went wide. Unfortunately, Sonoma could not finish, causing the game to come to an end. The game was won by Frenso with a score of 3-2.

“We are better than out record and we are ready to turn it around,” Coach Ziemer told the Sonoma Seawolves sports page. “We have 9 days to get ready for conference play, we will get some key guys healthy and get ready for Humboldt.”