Women’s soccer shuts out Simon Fraser University in an electrifying game

The seawolves women’s soccer team put on a show Friday afternoon against Simon Fraser University, showing both their offensive and defensive prowess throughout the entire duration of the game. Sonoma State defeated Simon Fraser 3-0 and held their opponents to just one shot in the entire first half of the game.

Sonoma State came out hot and immediately put pressure on Simon Fraser’s defense early in the game.  

The Seawolves made a strong offensive attack as forward, Alyssa Silva, kicked a scorching feed from number 11, Molly Murphy. The high intelligence soccer didn’t stop there, just three minutes later another goal was made by middle forward, Sarah Lindborg, off of her stomach from an assist by freshman forward Alex Espitia. This gave the Seawolves a 2-0 lead in the first 10 minutes of play. 

Sophomore, Julia Pritchard had a good feeling going into the game that day. Pitchard said, “Coming into the game I felt confident with myself and my teammates, I knew playing at home was a big deal so we were ready to get the job done.” Number 11 continued by stating, “Afterwards, I was very happy with the way we played together as a team and it made me excited for the future!”


Simon Fraser University goalkeeper, Nicole Anderson,  had a long day against the Seawolve women, accounting for 16 saves on 31 shots as the offensive outburst never slowed down. Sonoma State’s defensive side didn’t let up either, only allowing a 4 attempts on the goal in 90 minutes of play.

Sam Layman, a senior on Sonoma State, was very excited by the outcome of what her team was able to accomplish. “I could tell walking into pre-game our team was calm and ready to face one of our regional opponents. I felt like this was the best game we’ve played as a team the whole season so far.” Layman continued by saying, “Sometimes we struggle putting two full halves together, but we stayed mentally and physically strong and played well in both offense and defense yesterday.” 

After a long back and forwarth, the Seawolves pushed Simon Fraser University to their limits and were able to score another goal with almost 10 minutes left on the clock. Defensive sophomore Krissy Keller shot a nice entry pass to midfield third year Maddie Watts to make the score 3-0. 

The defense of the Seawolves was incredible as goalkeeper Ashley Mortan saved all three shots on her goal. Along with the entire defensive squad accounting for countless defensive stops that stopped Simon Fraser in their tracks for most of the game.

Center midfielder, Miranda Sanchez was happy with the outcome of the game saying, “I feel very good about our teams’ performance. We did what we needed to do and dominated the game. We had a very creative attack which helped us put the game away and create lots of chances.”

The Seawolves remain undefeated with a 3-2-0 record as they have proven to be a formidable team. Their next game is an away game on Sep. 24  at 4p.m. against Fresno Pacific University.