Women’s volleyball keeps the winning streak alive

Sonoma State women’s volleyball swept Pacific Union College 3 sets to 0 giving them the match on Sept. 17.  The Seawolves won 25-11 in the first set, 25-6 in the second, and 25-11 in the final.

Caiti Wiesner, an outside hitter for the Seawolves, helped her team with the win by becoming one of the game leaders. Wiesner dominated the court with three kills early on in the first set. Being a senior on the court, Wiesner showed her experience by contributing 6 points for her team. 

“I think as a team we play really well together but we can improve a little bit on our defensive effort. We always have some great defensive plays during our games that fire us up to make us play harder.” Wiesner continued, “I believe if we always make great defensive plays it will take us a long way this season.”

Emma Campell, number 7 for Pacific Union College, was very competitive on the court, having two kills in the first set. Sophomore, Zaire Wilson was also seen as competition for the Seawolves and had a total of 2 kills and 2 digs. 


Freshman for Sonoma State, Jen Trephan, earned a spot as one of the game leaders. Trephan had 5 kills, 10 assists, 5 digs and put up 5 points for the lady seawolves. 

Trephan said “I think we played really good, the team was not very competitive with us. This games win will let us gain confidence going into regular season.” She continued, “We played like it was any other team and we did not have that many errors which helped us a lot. It is really nice to get some wins behind us going forward because we know we can beat good teams, and it gives us more confidence playing against better teams.”

Errors were a big part of the game for both teams and servicing errors in particular were the highest for both teams. Pacific Union had 10 errors and Sonoma State had 12. Pacific Union put up a fight but Sonoma State was able to capitalize on the errors that the Pioneers created. 

Sonoma State had 32 kills, 27 assists and 5 aces as a team. The women’s volleyball team has had an overall great start to their year. 

Kiana Richardson played the entire game and contributed 6 points for Sonoma State.  Richardson, number 6 for Sonoma State said, “I think that we had a hard time mentally. We have so much talent on our team, but when we feel defeated, that’s when we tend to lose. We did a good job last game of just keeping the ball in play. We made less mistakes which allowed us to win.” The sophomore continued,“Having these wins going into our season has boosted our confidence as a team. It is especially great because we had some issues winning last year so these wins have meant so much more to us.” 

Pacific Union began to struggle towards the end of eachmatch, giving up 75 points to the seawolves. The pioneers had 5 ball handling errors while the seawolves had no ball handling errors. Ending the game with a win for Sonoma State. 

The next home game will be Sept 28, vs. Humboldt State University.