Seawolves men’s soccer takes home a preseason win

On Wed. Aug. 28, the Seawolves men’s soccer team hosted their second preseason game of the year against Holy Names University, prevailing with a 3-2 win.


Although the game was scheduled to end after the second half,  the two teams decided to play an additional thirty minute period at the end. With the additional time added, the Seawolves won 4-3.

The game started off fast and the Seawolves came out strong. In the second minute of the game, a fourth-year student Luis Mendoza crossed the ball from the left side to fellow fourth-year student Sahr Mattia for the first goal. 

In the fourth minute, sophomore Eduardo Rodriguez crossed again from the left side to Mattia, where he was there to finish for the second goal. After the game, Mattia expressed the importance of getting the early point. “I felt a sense of relief after getting the first goal,” he said, before saying that he “gained momentum to get the second one.”

At the twenty-second minute, Luis Mendoza was substituted out due to a game-related injury. Fourth-year student Kyle Owings came in to replace him. 

In the Twenty-fourth minute, there was a defensive mistake which led to Holy Names picking up their first point of the game. The Seawolves created a foul inside the box for a penalty kick, which Ramon Jr. Gutierrez, a senior at Holy Names, took. His shot slipped past the Sonoma goalkeeper Derik Engebretsen and into the bottom corner of the goal.

The score at half was 2-1, with Sonoma State having twice as many shots on goal compared to Holy Names. 

As half-time started back up, the Seawolves came out strong once again and they did not want to allow more goals to be scored by Holy Names. 

Seven minutes later, second-year Timmy Phillips was substituted for Sidney Cunningham. As the second half grew more intense, third-year Fernando Biorato and first-year Mateo Pasqua were brought into the game. Within minutes of being brought in, Pasqua committed a clean foul, but was given a yellow card. Holy Names then retaliated back, committing a foul back on Pasqua for the Seawolves to receive a free kick.   

Center back Anthony Gonzalez Cruz took the free kick. The kick went all the way up to Pasqua who knocked it into the goal, making the score 3-1. After the free kick, Holy Names came back with anger and knew that they needed to score. As the game continued, the Seawolves let up on a corner kick which then led to a goal from Holy Names, making the gap within the score closer.

Towards the end of the second half, Holy Names began to air out their frustrations. In the seventy-fifth minute, Elbert Green was given a yellow card for a foul play. The game ended with Holy Names taking three additional shots in the second half and the Seawolves taking seven shots. 

Once the game ended with the 3-2 win for Sonoma State, the teams decided to get in extra playing time by adding an additional thirty minutes in a friendly match. 

Within this short period, both teams managed to score an additional goal, with Holy Names striking first and sophomore Timmy Phillips coming back to even the friendly period at 1-1 and handing the Seawolves the 4-3 victory.  

Phillips went into this extra thirty with the mindset that he “was pumped to play an extra thirty.” He followed that by saying that he “felt good after scoring that goal to put the team in the lead.”

After the first preseason loss on Aug. 22 against Sacramento State, the team had to go into this game with a different mind set in order to capture this win against Holy Names. Captain Evan Roehrig said “we struggled against their pressure and breaking them down.”

For the Mentality for the Holy Names match Roehrig said, “I really thought we did a good job of starting quick and applying the pressure and not letting them settle into the game. Two early goals really helped establish the pace of play.” He finished his statement when he said, “We didn’t really even possess much of the ball early on but the early pressure made it really difficult for holy names to try and build out and it forced them to play a lot of long 50/50 balls.”