Sonoma State women’s club soccer

Sonoma State University women’s club soccer team is apart of the West Coast Soccer Association. The women’s soccer club has been a big part of Sonoma State for close to 10 years as they continue to improve the club and their skills each year. 

As the team prepare for season their division looks very competitive playing against other club soccer teams, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Saint Mary’s, University of Nevada and Chico State. 

Mac Patefield has been a big part of the club team since her freshman year and is now the president of the soccer club. Mac said “I am looking forward to our tournament in San Diego at the end of September, it is a great way for the team to bond and form great memories.” The team will be playing against teams that are not in their regular season schedule which will give the team good practice before regular season play starts. 

Mac is looking forward to a new season with new players and she expressed this when she said, “I am excited to play Chico. They are our Universities rivals so it acts as our ‘big game’ for the season.” 

Sonoma State’s club soccer team takes their games and practices very seriously. Junior on the team, Jamie Zogaric, has also been apart of the club team since her freshman year at  Sonoma State. Zogaric said, “I have played soccer for many years of my life and was looking forward to continuing playing the sport in college. We also like to have fun while remaining competitive and serious. Club soccer is one of my favorite parts about being at Sonoma State.” Zogaric continued her statement when she said, “I saw the table for the soccer club team at big nite my freshmen year and have enjoyed the last two years being apart of the team.” 

Another member from the soccer team is Kali Mesarchik, a junior who has been apart of the club for three years and is about to take on a new level of responsibility. Mesarchik said, “I’m looking forward to taking over the Vice President position. I can’t wait to see what I can do to make the team better.” As the new season  approaches it creates a time to reflect and improve on last year’s team. 

When asked about last season’s team Kali responded “We did pretty average last year, but there is always room to improve.” 

This club team is a great way to continue playing sports while in college and having fun while doing it. Being apart of a club is a great way to make new friends that share a common interest and joining definitely opens up a whole new window of opportunities for students. Not only does the team provide a competitive environment for athletes but it is also very organized. Sonoma State’s club soccer team is a place for women to bond and create memories with their teammates. 

The women’s soccer club does not require any kind of background in soccer but some kind of experience is preferred considering that they are a competitive, traveling team. For those interested in joining the women’s soccer club  there will be an informational meeting on Sept 4 at 8:00 P.M. in Ballroom D. If there are any other questions you can also message the president, Mac, on their Instagram page @ssuwomensclubsoccer or email the president at