Sonoma State’s club rugby team prepares for fall season

The Sonoma State men’s club Rugby team is preparing for their fall season and are eager to see how this season will turn out.  

Rugby is a quick paced and full contact sport requiring speed, strength, technique, and the ability to receive and deliver tackles. The team is full of dedicated and hard working players who are constantly giving their time to better the club.

Club President Alex Furr is looking forward to seeing what this season has in store for the team. His favorite part about being on the team is spending time with his teammates. Furr said, “On and off the field we pride ourselves in being gentlemen, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our fair share of fun as well.” Off the field the players get the chance to hangout together and often have team dinners.  

Senior and in charge of fundraising, Dominic Salvatierra is going into his third year playing rugby at Sonoma State. The sport allowed him to make great friends, travel, compete, and stay in shape. Salvatierra is looking forward to playing their tough competitor, Chico State, in this upcoming season.  He said, “we want to see how our group of players will match up against a powerhouse team like them.” 

Jonathan Torres, the manager and alumni chair, is looking forward to another great rugby season. Torres believes the team has a lot of potential and enough experience to run more advanced plays that will allow the team to be more successful during gametime.   

As the alumni chair Torres is a large supporter of the current players and alumni players staying connected.  He said, “We have a deep respect for the people before us and we are building this program up for the people who’ve yet to come.” 

This sport has taught the players many lessons that they will carry for the rest of their lives.  Torres said, “rugby is the most selfless sport I’ve ever known.” 

When asked if Furr wishes to change anything this season compared to last he responded “absolutely not.” Furr saw last season as being a gift the team needed.  He said, “when the majority of your team graduates and you’re left with minimal players, virtually you have no choice but to rebuild from the ground up.” Through that rebuilding process the team was left with a strong and dedicated group who act as a family.  Furr aims to carry on their drive that they acquired from last season into the upcoming season. 

Torres and Salvatierra agreed that their downfall from last season was the amount of injuries that the players received. Thankfully they are starting the season with many more players than in the past years and are all excited to see the club growing; all of their hard work is paying off. Salvatierra said, “the sonoma state rugby club now has 4 national champion players enrolled, so we are excited to go out and compete with any team in our league.”

Furr would like to see more students take a chance on the sport by participating. Coming to a touch session, attending a team dinner, or just spending time with the men on the team are great ways to get to know the players without any strings attached.  

Time commitment is a main reason why students do not sign up for clubs, but according to Furr the team is flexible when it comes to scheduling. If any Sonoma State students are interested in joining the men’s rugby team they can find the teams tabling crew in front of the Student Center during weekdays.