Sonoma Snow Club invites all snow lovers to join the team


Snowboarding, skiing, camping, and having fun are what being apart of the Sonoma Snow Club entails. To anyone thinking about joining snow club,  you don’t need to be good at boarding or skiing to join. A love for the outdoors and an adventurous spirit is all one needs to join the club. 

The Sonoma Snow Club has approximately 80 members. They have events throughout the school year that consist of going to the snow in Lake Tahoe and going camping at Sonoma Lake. The club also holds dances and get togethers with Greek Life and other clubs throughout campus. For instance, a very popular event the snow club puts on is a formal dance called, “A Winter Night in Aspen.”

Katelyn Darcy, an officer of the Sonoma Snow Club and amateur snowboarder is very excited for the club to start up again this semester. “We’re most excited about all the cool new people that are signing up this year and we can’t wait to meet them!” Darcy continued her statement when she said, “The coolest part about snow club is that you don’t have to have experience with snowboarding or skiing, when I joined I had never tried it, but was still so welcomed by everyone and accepted.”

Snowboarding and skiing is something that one either picks up quickly or takes an average amount of time to get the hang of. The sport involves balance, control, and speed which can become quite dangerous without the proper technique and training. Luckily, the snow club has very experienced athletes that can offer advice and assistance on the slopes. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the Sonoma Snow Club having you go down a Black Diamond as a beginner. 

If snowboarding and skiing is not for you, then enjoy the snow; whether you like sledding, playing sloshball, or building a snowman there is always something fun to do in the icy terrain.

Although it’s called the Sonoma Snow Club, they do much more than go to the snow. Camping at Lake Sonoma is many of the members favorite event. Just going out in the outdoors and hanging out with friends is something everyone looks forward to throughout the semester. If you are not interested in camping or the snow, the club still encourages students to come out to the dances and events.

Emily Halsebo, a junior and Communications major has loved being in the Sonoma Snow Club for the past couple of years. “Snow Club is really just for fun, chill people to get together and enjoy the outdoors, it’s not just for people who snowboard and ski, it’s just for everyone.” Halsebo continues by talking about the camping trip, “I’m definitely most excited for the camping trip. It’s great to go out and hang with so many people and you always end up meeting new friends. This year they’re really pulling out all the stops to make it an awesome year full of activities.”

To say the least, the Snow Club plans on creating some of the most fun, exciting events on campus. They want to create events for the outdoor lovers of Sonoma State, to get away from technology, homework, and the stressors of life just for a night at least. They are an extremely inclusive group that blossom positive vibes and quality experiences to any student who wants to join. 

President of the Sonoma Snow Club, Lauren Bracken, said the club’s motto is, “Everyone is a member of snow club.” she continued by stating “You don’t need to pay a membership fee or sign a paper to hangout with us. I like to think we are the most inclusive club on campus. We just love to hangout, snowboard, ski, go camping, and meet new beautiful faces.”

The Club meets every other Thursday at 7 p.m. at Mountain Mike’s Pizza. Events are planned on their Instagram page and you can find them tabling out in front of the student center. A camping trip is planned for October 4th to the 5th for $20. Any questions can be directed towards their email

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