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Campus Recreation loses control of Sports Club program

The staff of the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement and Service (CSLIS) office is about to become much busier with the dismantling of the Campus Recreation Sports Club program, which will now be under control of the CSLIS workplace. The Sports Club program was run by two student club coordinators with the supervision of full-time staffer, Mike Dominguez, who has worked with the organization for over nine years. Full story

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Writers celebrate Zaum release

As ambient noise levels of a crowded setting pick up, the voice of silently read literature must reach its way through the endless chatter to create a peaceful listening atmosphere that reflects back to the commanding presence of the storyteller. Student writers involved in Zaum Eighteen, SSU’s literary magazine, gathered for a release party gala in Cotati’s Redwood Cafe to celebrate the talented authors and artists who contributed this year. Full story

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Hiking trails allow students to enjoy nature

The final weeks of semester are upon us students and the onslaught of final assessment has begun. The stress is mounting. A final paper due next week, two essays and a presentation due two weeks later, then another final paper, and another presentation. Full story

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Softball drops three of four in home-game series

The sun decided to shine upon the softball team as they competed against ninth ranked Humboldt State in a double-header. Friday afternoon at the Seawolf Softball Field the Seawolves suffered a 7-2 loss in their first game and a 4-1 loss in their second game against the Lumberjacks. Full story

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Cutting gym class

Start your engines—registration is about to begin. As many of us seasoned registration racers know, the level of stress from registration is almost comparable to the entirety of finals week. There’s just no telling what you’ll walk out with after your 10-minute registration lottery; between the minimum 12 units required to reach full-time status and the maximum 16 units each student is allowed to enroll in, many have found random one-unit courses that put them safely—albeit barely—over the finish line. Full story


Professors receive Sustainability in Classroom awards

Six professors at Sonoma State have received awards for creating and developing four courses designed to educate and promote sustainability on campus and in the every day lives of students.  The award recipients are Martha Shott, Ben Ford and Sunil Tewari of the Department of Mathematics, Merlin M. Full story

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Student Spotlight: Cassie Faulding

The fusion of her passion for music, experience in radio and vibrant personality has paved this senior’s path beyond her college years.   Cassie Faulding’s enthusiasm to go for her dreams clears the way she embraces each opportunity.   Faulding is a graduating transfer student who has worked with KSUN, Sonoma State’s radio station, every semester. Full story


Moonalice grooves Sally Tomatoes

Futuristic lighting paired with projected psychedelic twirls turned the backdrop of the stage into a kaleidoscope, appropriately matching the sound produced by classic rock band Moonalice. Leading up to 8 p.m., the relatively cozy room in Sally Tomatoes on Friday night was filled with recordings of classic, experimental rock songs as a precursor for the performance. Full story

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Women’s tennis dominates on Senior Day

The Sonoma State Women’s tennis team played host to Holy Names at the SSU Tennis Courts in Rohnert Park this Saturday in their second to last home match of the regular season. The Seawolves came out victorious with an 8-1 win. In singles play, five of Sonoma State’s girls were triumphant in their matches. Full story

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Employers need to lower standards

Even though the recession isn’t exactly getting worse, the job market for college graduates isn’t getting much better. Competition is as high as it’s been in a long time, seeing as those who got laid off during the recession are looking for the same jobs that recent college graduates are. Full story


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Anthony Jeselnik offends, delights

The audience knew what they were signing up for when offensive comedian Anthony Jeselnik took the stage at Weill Hall Thursday night. It wasn’t a sold-out show, but it certainly felt like it with the amount of laughter that echoed throughout the great wooden hall. Full story


Choosing wine for the college lifestyle

Picking out a great bottle of wine can be as easy as sending a chimpanzee to the nearest liquor store with a note and $50 bill in its hand. But what if one doesn’t have a chimp or the money? Have no fear. By the time readers finish this, they will have received basic training in choosing quality wines that are affordable to most college students. Full story

Kinesiology 101 courses on chopping block

Sonoma State will cut a small chunk of kinesiology activities courses at the start of the 2014 fall semester. The courses being cut are Kinesiology 101 Physical Education Activities that offer a large variety of programs such as aquatics, individual and team sports, fitness, dance and other outdoor activities. Full story


Campus remembers John Kramer

Professor of political science Andrew Merrifield was a good friend of the late John Kramer and worked with him in the same department for almost 30 years at Sonoma State University. The two met when Kramer was interviewing Merrifield for a job in the political science department. Full story

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Time to get that rear in gear

We have reached the middle of April. As we begin pulling out the books for some final review, many would say that our original New Year’s resolutions with goals like “going to the gym and getting a six-pack” slowly begin to diminish.  Instead, the only six-pack we’re getting is the one sitting in our stomach from last night and the replacement pack in our fridge. Full story

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‘Short Poppies’: a one-man mockumentary

A wildlife director, an amateur leg model, a lovable conspiracy theorist and an artistic single mother are just some of the characters all played by the same man in the new series, “Short Poppies.” Created by comedian Rhys Darby, the show is quirky and entertaining, yet lacks the easy, off-the-cuff humor of other mainstream comedies to come out of New Zealand over the past decade. Full story

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