3 sexual assaults reported

There were three reported sexual assaults at Sonoma State in a nine day span from March 30 to April 7, according to the university’s crime log.

On March 30, a rape was reported on the same day it occurred in Tuscany Village. There was no timely warning because the rape involved two acquaintances, university spokesperson Paul Gullixson said. 

The university declined to provide any more details on this still open case, such as the circumstances of the rape.

On April 11, another sexual assault was reported as having occurred on April 5 at an unknown location in the residential community. 

Like the March 30 case, no timely warning was sent out because “the two parties involved were acquaintances,” Gullixson said. 

The university didn’t disclose any additional information on this case too, such as the circumstances of the sexual assault, if either the suspect or victim were students or where the sexual assault reportedly occurred.

On April 10, Sonoma State sent a campus-wide Timely Warning regarding a reported rape on April 7, the third since March 30.

The female survivor and suspect had recently met on a dating website, according to Timely Warning. 

The case is still open and under investigation. 

“We have no more information to share than what was in the Timely Warning that went out on April 10,” Gullixson said.

In the Timely Warning, police described the suspect, who went by the first name of “Sam”, as being approximately 22 years old, white, 6-feet tall, 250 pounds with strawberry blonde hair, a mustache, a medium length beard and no tattoos.

This was the second Timely Warning sent for rape this year. The first was sent on Jan. 28 for a rape that occurred on Jan. 26. 

“The female victim and suspect were acquaintances,” the Jan. 28 Timely Warning stated. “A beverage she was served at some point during the evening may have included a controlled substance.”

This case is still under investigation, Gullixson said. The university declined to say what actions they have taken, or if the suspect still attends Sonoma State.

Sonoma State has experienced a recent uptick in reported sexual assaults, according to the Annual Security Report. In 2017, the most recent year with available data, there were 10 reported rapes, doubling the previous year’s total.

“I think that sexual assault is underreported in society and at universities, including Sonoma State,” said Missy Brunetta, who works with University Police to send out Timely Warnings. “Because of that, it is difficult to say if it is prevalent on campus. That being said, one sexual assault is too many.”


Staff writer Holly Chandler contributed to this article.